Thursday, January 10, 2013


You know, guys?  Fine.  I'll take some precious time out of my day to upload a couple of clips.  Some of these are kind of old, but whatever.  Now you can stop asking...

The first one is from one of the 10,000 shoots I've done for Comedy Central this year.  No joke, this particular shoot was one of the longest days of my life.  Jesus.  Just watching this 40 second clip makes me retroactively tired...

Next up we have one of several promos I did with John Oliver over the summer.  If you're wondering why I'm just getting around to posting this clip now it's because I'm seriously fucking lazy and tend to forget about things roughly ten minutes after they happen (Not you, Clooney.  I could never forget you).  Also, when you ask a producer about getting clips from them for your reel you may as well be asking them to explain time travel in Russian.  The answer is always the same: ten seconds of a blank stare followed by them turning and walking away.

Side note: after I corrected John about some very deep James Bond trivia he called me "the world's biggest super-nerd," which, coming from him, I think may have been a compliment.  Anyway, here...

And although I can't embed it here for some reason (once again, that lazy thing...), here's the link to Planet X: The Series

As mentioned in previous posts, Planet X is a project that Super Su, Jake Hensberry and I worked on awhile back.  Check it out.  There may be some big news about Planet X coming soon, but until then please enjoy the first five episodes.

Listen, I know you're all going to be super bummed, but I can't seem to find the Jersey Shore stuff I did anywhere.  If you're really that interested, just go to youtube, type in Jersey Shore and watch any of the six thousand clips that pop up.  It's all the same shit anyway.

Moving on, here are two clips from awhile back that I just noticed are available online:

Lance and Reggie:

SNL cast (no, that's not the Amazing Rick Dacey) and Rashida Jones:

Okay, that should do it for now.  As recent shows air I'll keep throwing clips up.  I'd find more now, but I have to run off and shoot a pilot about drunk people.  Seriously.  No joke.  Yeah.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Happy New Year, or whatever.  2012 was pretty rad on the work front and I look forward to several months of vacation to recuperate and spend my hard (easy) earned cash.  Or, I could go in the opposite direction and book 40+ days of the next two months right out of the gate.  Yeah, that sounds better.

So, after a year of being practically enslaved to Viacom, hassling Clooney, spending a shockingly large amount of time in some state called "Oklahoma," and not getting to surf First Point Malibu nearly as much as I would have liked (whatever, it's all about Rincon in the winter months...) I will be pulling up anchor and shipping off to...Miami of all damn places.  For, like, a lot of time.  The great people at BOR are shooting a new show down there and have requested that my ears go along with them.  My ears and I are pretty much inseparable (long story), so I guess I'll be going there, too.  I know almost nothing about Miami, but I have heard that it is warmer than both LA and NYC this time of year, so werd.  I would love to say that I will totally catch up with the friends I have living down there, but this is production, son!  There is no free time.  However, before that happens, I have a few more BET shoots and some weird thing for the Broadway show Annie.  No complaints.

BTW, after futzing with it at both Coffey Sound in LA and Gotham Sound in NYC, I can officially say this: the Sound Devices 664 is seriously dope and I'm totally buying one.  Granted, there's no internal drive or option to record to an external drive, but for ENG, reality and documentary shoots it's totally going to destroy the 788T.  It's half the price, has more recordable tracks (with the CL-6 add-on), powers up much quicker (about 6 seconds vs the 788T's 40 seconds) and, in a pinch, can run off of AA batteries.  The idea is that no matter where in the world you are you can usually find AA batteries, a CF card or an SD card, which makes it a more practical field recorder than the 7 series.  The only drag is that there's a massive wait time on ordering one, but c'est la vie.  The 788T will always dominate narrative and commercial applications, but its days as the go-to field recorder are over.  Regardless, I still stand by my statement in earlier posts that it's quite possibly the greatest machine ever created.  It's just pricey, son!  Anyway, enough tech-nerd talk...

So, Clooney.  Come on, dude.  You totally let me down.  I never got my gift basket.  WTF?  I'm going to remember this, you prick.  On the other hand, you know who's really nice?  Lorenzo Lamas.  I like to refer to him as "Nice Clooney" these days.  Although, at this stage of his career, he should know that lapel mics and leather jackets don't jive with each other.  Anyway, he's on the new season of The Joe Schmo Show, which D-Ray and I did a bit of, so watch it.  Then email Spike TV and tell them, "Gee, that Kenneth Cook sure is a great sound guy.  You should always hire him.  And D-Ray, too, I guess."

Grumpy side-note:  While interviewing Christoph Waltz for the Django Unchained premier I had to chuckle due to how hilariously German he was being.  His whole thing was, "You know, you should not be asking me questions about my character.  It will ruin the narrative experience of the movie."  Pretty typical German answer to, "So, tell us about your character in the film."  However, after seeing it the other day (in a theater that had plush, reclinable seats with butt warmers...really), I totally agree with him.  Now, as many people will tell you, I have no great love for "The Chin" as a director, but he nailed it this time.  Don't read too much about the movie, just go see it.  See, I can be positive when I want to be.  Although, I still maintain that Inglorious Basterds was one of the worst films ever made.  Seriously.  How did you like that?  It played like it was written by a seven year old.

Anyway, time to go see what it is BET wants me for tomorrow.  Or to take a nap.  One or the other.

Enjoy your year.  Who knows when you'll get another one.